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Discrete Distribution MCQs. This online test contains all important MCQs. These MCQs will hep you in the preparation of your exam as well as in any interview. All multiple choice questions according to your paper pattern. After solving these MCQs you will get good marks in your exam. For more MCQs you can visit System of linear equations MCQs, Fluid kinematics MCQs, Iterations methods MCQ.

Here, you can all importanat MCQs of MSc mathematics. Try to solve all these multiple choice questions. In this Quiz you wii solve MCQs of Binomial, Hypergeometric, Poisson distrubions. Statistics is a mathematical body of knowledge that deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data, or it can be considered a branch of mathematics.

Discrete Distribution MCQs

Statistics/Probability Theory MCQs With Correct Answers

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1. In binomial probability  distribution,the probability of success

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2. If the  binomial probability distribution is multiplied by N, the number of experiments or sets, the resulting distribution is known

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3. The mean of the binomial distribution is

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4. The standard deviation of binomial distribution is

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5. The shape of binomial distribution probability depends on the values of the ―  parameters

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6. In hypergeometric distribution,the probability of success  —   on each trial

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7. The hypergeometric distribution  is ―   probability distribution

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8. Hypergeometric distribution has parameters

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9. The sum of hypergeometric distribution is

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10. The mean of a hypergeometric distribution is the same as

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11. Poisson distribution is  regarded as limit of the

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12. Poisson distribution has parameter

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13. The poisson distribution is called

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14. Poisson distribution can be fitted if we know the value of its


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15. In Poisson distribution the occurrence of event is