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  Electromagnetic Induction Quiz

Induction Quiz.1 with best options. All mcqs are in pdf form. You can prepare your test by solving thses mcqs. This content contains all multiple choice questions just as paper pattern. If you are intersested to solve more quiz then you can visit , electromagnetism mcqs .

Here you will all important mcqs of physics. By solving these mcqs you can attemt MDCAT,ECAT test. This quiz contains all past papers mcqs. Solve these mcqs carefully. Electromagnetic induction, also known as induction, is a process in which a conductor is placed in a specific position and the magnetic field remains fixed and the conductor moves.

Induction Quiz.1

Electromagnetic Induction MCQs With Correct Answers

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1. When a conductor moves across a magnetic field, an emf is set up, this emf is dependent on

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2. Electromagnetic induction obeys the law of conservation of

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3. Production of induced emf in a coil is linked with

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4. If we make the magnetic field stronger, the value of induced current is

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5. The motional emf depends upon the

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6. The rod of unit length is moving at 30⁰ through a magnetic field of 1T. If the velocity of rod is 1ms⁻¹, then induced emf in the rod will be given by

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7. The motional emf is given  by

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8. The emf induced by the motion of a conductor across a magnetic field is called

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9. A changing electric flux creates

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10. Emf is induced due to change in

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11. The product of induced current and resistance of the wire through which the current is passing is called

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12. A rod of length 20m is moving with 20ms⁻¹ in a direction perpendicular to the magnetic field of 20T. What is the value of emf?

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13. The S.I unit of induced emf is

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14. The 'emf' always ....... even when no current is drawn through the battery or cell

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15. Energy stored per unit volume inside a solenoid is called