Electrostatics Quiz.1 || 2nd-Year Physics MCQs

  Electrostatics Quiz

Electrostatics Quiz.1 with best answers key. This quiz contains all crucial mcqs of past papers. All important mcqs just as your paper pattern. By preparing these mcqs you can easily clear your paper. Other mcqs are ,current electricity, electromagnetism.

In this query ,we cover all mcqs of electrostatics. All mcqs are in pdf form. Solve these questions carefully. These mcqs are important for PPSC exam as well as ECAT and MDCAT test prepartion. By attemting these multiple choice questions you will get marks. Electrostatics is the study of electromagnetic events that occur when no moving charges are present, after a static equilibrium has been achieved.

Electrostatics Quiz.1

Electrostatics MCQs With Correct Answers

1. A charged conductor has a charge on its

2. Gauss's law is applicable by considering the gaussian surface. The gaussian  surface must has shape which is

3. According to Gauss's law the number of electric field lines crossing any closed surface is

4. The electric flux through a closed surface does not depend on

5. The total flux through closed surface depends upon

6. The dot product of electric intensity and area of surface is called

7. When an area is held perpendicular to the field lines, then the magnitude of the  electric flux is

8. The electric flux through a closed surface does not depend upon

9. For the computation of electric flux ,  the surface area should be

10. Total flux through a closed surface depends on

11. Electric lines of forces are parallel and equally spaced, then the electric field is

12. If a charged body is moved against the electric field , it will gain

13. The idea for electric field lines was proposed by

14. The closeness of electric field lines is the measure of

15. NC-1 is the SI unit of