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Fluid Mechanics Quiz.1 (MCQs) for best practice. These mcqs will be helpful for getting good marks in your exams. All (MCQs) based on your exam pattern. others quiz are, roots and bisection method.

This fluid mechanics quiz is based on topics fluid body and types of fluid. In this quiz, we discuss about real and ideal fluids .Here you can solve all important mcqs on these topics. Try to solve this query so that you can prepare your exam. A perfect fluid is incompressible and is that fluid which does not exist un reality. A real fluid is one which has finite thickness. Here you will find most crucial Fluid Mechanics MCQs Quiz about math’s.

Fluid mechanics Quiz;

Fluid Mechanics MCQs With Correct Answers

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1. Real fluid can further be subdivided into

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2. A real fluid is one which has

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3. A fluid which is both inviscid and incompressible is called

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4. An inviscid fluid may or may not be

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5. No natural fluid is

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6. An inviscid fluid ,whether at rest or in motion can exert only

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7. With zero viscosity the fluid offers

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8. An inviscid fluid is that fluid having —  viscosity

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9. The air flowing upto about 120 miles/hour is assumed

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10. Gases are

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11. All known liquids are

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12. A fluid particle when isolated retains all the properties of the fluid in the bulk,thus a fluid particle  is not a mathematical , but a physical point possessing

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13. A fluid body is said to move with the fluid if the velocity at every point on the surface of the body is the — as the velocity  of the fluid at that point

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14. Fluids are usually divided into — groups

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15. A fluid is a substance that — continuously when subjected to a shear stress