Linear Algebra Quiz.1 || Basics of Matrices MCQs

Linear algebra Quiz.1 with correct answers. This quiz is totally based on the topic matrix. All multiple choice questions(MCQs) according to your exam syllabus. Other quiz about roots and bisection method,the real numbers syststem.

Best mcqs for your computational exam. All mcqs of past papers are discussed in this query. By solving these mcqs you can clear your exams. In mathematics, matrix of the same order can by added and multiplied. Matrix is arrangment of numbers into rows and columns . Matrices can be used to write and work with many linear equations (a system of linear equations) in a compact manner.

Linear Algebra Quiz.1

Linear Algebra MCQs With Correct Answers

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1. A matrix over a field K or , a simply matrix is a rectangular array of

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2. A matrix with m rows and n columns is called an

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3. Two matrices A and B are equal , if they have the same size and if corresponding elements are

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4. A matrix with only one  row is called

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5. A matrix whose all entries are zero is denoted by

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6. Matrices whose entries are real numbers are called

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7. Matrices whose all entries are compolex numbers are said to be matrices over

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8. Two matrices are conformable for addition if they have  — order

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9. The sum of matrices with different sizes is

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10. Matrix multiplication is  —  in general

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11. Two matrices A and B are said to be suitable for product AB if the number of columns of A are equal to the number of  — of B

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12. The product AB is not defined when A is a row vector and B is a column vector have

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13. The transpose of a matrix A,written AˆT, is the matrix obtained by writing the columns of A, in order as

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14. If number of rows and number of columns of a matrix are equal then matrix is  called

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15. The trace of a matrix is