Mechanics Quiz .1 || Basics of Mechanics MCQs

Mechanics quiz.1 mcqs with best options. All important mcqs are discussed in this query. Past papers mcqs which wiil be helpful for your online test. Front-page mcqs according to your exam syllabus. More quiz are, real numbers system, roots and bisection method, basics of matrices.

Best mcqs for preparation of mechanics online test. Mechanics mcqs for best practice of computational exam. You can pass your test by attempting these mcqs carefully. In their daily work of repairing and modifying internal-combustion vehicles, mechanics use mathematics frequently. They use numbers in a variety of ways, from determining the size of the wrench they’ll need to loosen a bolt to calculating torque. Today’s mechanics need a good head for numbers in order to do their jobs.

Mechanics Quiz .1

Mechanics MCQs With Correct Answers

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1. Mechanics is the branch of science which studies the state of

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2. Material objects exists in the form of

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3. Types of mechanics are

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4. Kinematics is the branch of mechanics which describe the motion of objects without consideration of their

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5. An extremely small part of matter or an infinitesimal part of matter having negligible dimension is called

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6. Directed change in position of particles of a rigid body is called

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7. The most general displacement of a rigid body is composed of

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8. The motion which consist of translation and rotation about a line along the translation is called

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9. Two system are said to be ......  if they have same M.I about any line space

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10. How many mutually prependicular axis are called Principle axis

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11. Two systems are said to be equimomental iff they have  same

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12. A  rigid body is said to be spherical top if its all Principle moment of inertias are

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13. A sphere is an example of

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14. A cylinder is an example of

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15. A rigid body in general is example of

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