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Microsoft MCQs Quiz

Computer Science MCQs of Microsoft windows with answer in pdf. If you want to repair past papers MCQs quiz then you’re in the right place for MCQ. Explore Study provide you all MCQs are in PDF. If you want to practice more MCQs quizzes, then must visit Quiz.1Quiz.2.

Microsoft MCQs Quiz.3:

Microsoft Windows MCQs Quiz.3

1. Anything written on screen is called

2. Which one is not an image file

3. To change written work already done

4. How many scrollbars does a window have in general

5. Ctrl, shift, and alt are called ..... keys

6. To shortcuts that appear on the desktop is called

7. Applications are often referred to as

8. Which one is an example of database designing software

9. Which menu is selected to cut, copy and paste

10. Notepad is used for

11. To shrink a window to an icon  ......

12. To display the contents of a folder in Windows Explorer you should ....

13. Which one can be used for creating documents?

14. To restore the computer .... the key is used

15. Which one is an example of word processing software

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