Microsoft windows multiple-choice questions with Answers

Microsoft windows test

Microsoft windows multiple-choice questions quiz with answers. This practice test is for Microsoft MCQs for shortcut results or solving problems in just a few seconds. This online test contains a total of 15 MCQ questions which are totally based on computer science important topics. If you want to solve more MCQs Quiz then must visit Microsoft Windows MCQs Quiz.2.

Microsoft Window MCQs Quiz.1:

Microsoft Windows MCQs Quiz.1

1. Which software is not a file compression utility

2. The computer mouse event is

3. From where we can change the name of a user account

4. In a computer, Drag, and Drop means to select the item hold down the mouse and

5. In which situation running applications of a user account remains active

6. Which of the following is not a type of user interface

7. How can we bring the' My Computer ' icon on the desktop if it is not there?

8. The window is the most popular product of

9. In a PowerPoint, presentation animation can be repeated how many times

10. The operating system which involves a GUI-based user interface is

11. Which one is an example of spreadsheet software?

12. Task performed by START button is

13. Internet explorer is used for

14. The process of touching an object with a computer mouse pointer is called

15. The extension of a text file is

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