Microsoft windows multiple-choice questions Quiz.2

online test of microsoft windows

Microsoft Windows is a compulsory subject for computer science students. The online test of Microsoft windows is for all students who are in the learning process. This Online Quiz contains all past papers that which is fascinating for computer science students to solve MCQs. If you want to solve more MCQs Quiz then must visit Microsoft Windows MCQs Quiz.1.

Microsoft Windows MCQs Quiz.2

1. All versions of the Windows operating system are based on technology

2. Which of the following is used to access programs installed on the computer

3. Which software can be used to give a presentation

4. The process of erasing a disk is called

5. The MS-DOS operating system is a

6. Which effect we see as the slides of a PowerPoint change over

7. Ctrl + Alt + Del is

8. Which one is not an image editing software

9. The ability of an operating system to control activities of multiple programs at the same time is

10. A window can have ..... states

11. Windows which is based on computer NT technology is called

12. An operating system that provides only a command-line user interface is

13. An application used to surf the internet is

14. The Bar which appears at the bottom of the computer desktop is termed as

15. Interface which uses icons and windows is

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