Motion And Force Quiz.1 || 1st-Year Physics MCQs

  Motion & Force Quiz

Motion And Force MCQs with correct answers. In this quiz, all kind of multiple choice questions of motion and force are discussed. All important mcqs according to your paper pattern. Further queries are work and energy, vectors and equilibrium.

All mcqs of motion and force are in pdf form. These multiple choice questions are helpful for MDCAT, ECAT test preparation. Moreover ,this quiz is also helpful for PPSC exam.Solve these mcqs carefully so that you can get good grades in your paper. In physics, motion is defined as a change in the position or orientation of a body over time. Rotation is a type of motion in which a body’s orientation is changed. A force is a push or pull that occurs as a result of one object’s interaction with another object.

Motion And Force Quiz.1

Motion And Force MCQs With Correct Answers

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1. If an object is moving with constant velocity of 20ms⁻¹ towards north , then it's acceleration will be

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2. Distance covered by a free falling body during 1st second of it's motion

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3. The laws of motion are not valid in a system that is

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4. Equations of motion hold only when there is

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5. As we go at a greater height from the surface of earth , the value of g

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6. A body of mass 5kg is falling freely , the force acting on it will be

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7. A paratrooper moves downward with

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8. If the force of 250N acts on an object for 2 seconds , then change in momentum will be

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9. The rate of change in momentum is called

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10. The motor cycle's safety helmet prevent the serious injury due to padding because it

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11. An alternate unit of kgms⁻¹ is

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12. A force of 10N acts on a body of mass 10kg for 5 sec. The change in momentum of the body is

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13. S.I unit of impulse is same that of

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14. Which bullet of same momentum is more effective in knowkcing a bear down

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15. A tennis ball hits with the wall for collision time of 0.2 sec , if the impulse reduced to 10 Ns then the impulsive force will be

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