MS Word MCQs Quiz.1 || Computer Science MCQ With Answers

ms word MCQs Quiz

Explore Study Provide you MS Word MCQ quiz with answers. There MS Word test also you get in PDF Format. This online test contains a total of 15 MCQs Questions. For more practice must visit Microsoft Windows MCQs Quiz.1 and Microsoft Windows MCQs Quiz.2, Microsoft Windows MCQs Quiz.3.

MS Word MCQs Quiz.1:

MS Word Multiple-Choice Questions Test.1

1. MS Word is the software of

2. In which view headers and footers are visible

3. Which is word processing software

4. The processing of removing unwanted parts of the image is called

5. MS Word is a ...... software

6. To apply center alignment of a paragraph we can press

7. The valid format of MS Word is

8. The space left between the margin and the start of paragraph is called

9. What program is used in MS Word to check the spelling

10. The text styling feature of MS Word is

11. A word gets selected by clicking it

12. Which items are placed at the end of a document

13. Which option is not available  in the Microsoft Office button

14. A major step before taking the print of the document is

15. How many columns  can you insert in a word document in maximum

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