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Numerical Analysis MCQs solved quiz for exams. All MCQs in are in Pdf form. These MCQs will help you in any entry test for university as well as in interview and other computational exams. This online quiz contains 15 MCQs according to paper pattern. If you want to solve other (MCQs) quiz, Which are fallows Roots, Bisection method, Iterations methods.

By solving these (MCQs) quiz you’ll clear your university entry test and other jobs. Therefore, read these carefully and then solve each quiz. 

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Numerical Analysis MCQs With Correct Answers

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1. The shifting operator is called

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2. The forward difference operator is denoted by

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3. The forward difference operator is Δ=

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4. The central difference operator is denoted by

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5. The shift operator, the central difference operator, and the differential-difference operator are

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6. The process of finding the value of a function outside the given range of argument is called

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7. The value of √12 is correct to 3 decimal places by Newton-Raphson method is given by

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8. Gauss-Seidel iterative method is used to solve

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9. Every square matrix can be expressed as the product of lower triangular and unit upper triangular matrix, the method based on this fact

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10. As soon as a new value of a variable is found by iteration, it is used immediately in the following equation this method is called

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11. For  y'= y +x  with y(0)=1 and h= 0.1 the value of K1 in Runge-kutta  fourth order method is

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12. Runge-Kutta method is better than Taylor's series method because

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13. Which of the following is the step by step method

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14. Taylor's series method for the solution of differential equation

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15. The approximate root of the equation x^2-2= 0 is

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