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Reaction Kinetics MCQs Quiz.1 with correct answers. Online Quiz based on all past papers solved MCQs. After solving these MCQs you can clear any competitive exams easily. Therefore try to solve MCQs truthfully. For more Online quizzes you can visit Chapter.2 MCQs Quiz. 1 and Quiz.2.

Reactions Kinetics MCQs Quiz:

Chapter # 11 MCQs Quiz.2

1. The energy of activated complex is

2. Indicate the enzyme which catalyzes the following

C₆H₁₂O₆ --------> 2C₂H₅OH + 2CO₂

3. Which of the following is an example of homogeneous catalysis?

4. Hydrolysis of tertiary butyl bromide has an order of reaction

5. A substance that decreases the efficiency of a catalyst is called

6. Photochemical reactions are

7. The energy of activation for a reaction by using a catalyst is

8. Specific rate constant is equal to the rate of reaction when the concentration of reactants is

9. The equation K = Ae⁻ᴱᵃ/ᴿᵀ is called

10. The rate of a chemical reaction is independent of

11. By increasing the temperature, rate of a chemical reaction

12. The value of activation energy is primarily determined by

13. The rate of reaction with respect to the change to the change of concentration of products is

14. The average rate will be equal to the instantaneous rate when the time interval approach is called

15. Which of the following will have a very high rate of reaction

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