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  Real Analysis 1 Quiz

Real analysis I MCQs quiz with correct options. Best practice for your online exam. By solving these mcqs you can get good marks. This quiz is based on past papers mcq. Other quiz,random variables,roots and bisection method.

This quiz is based on real number system mcqs. By preparing these mcqs you can clear your NTS,PPSC exam as well as Entry test for university. It is the study of ideas such as sequences and their limits, continuity, differentiation, integration, and function sequences. Real analysis mcqs quiz, by definition, is concerned with real numbers, and it frequently includes positive and negative infinity to form the extended real line.

Real Analysis I Quiz .1

Real Analysis I MCQs With Correct Answers

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1. The inequality |x.y| ≤ ||x|| ||y|| is known as

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2. For any three real numbers a,b,c , the property a>b and b<c implies a<c is known as

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3. For any three real numbers a,b,c , the property a<b and b<c implies a<c is known as

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4. The property x=y , x<y and y<x is known as

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5. The decimal fraction in which there are finite number of digits in it's decimal part is called

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6. To get the complete set of real numbers , the gaps in rational can be filled by the set of

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7. If x ∈ Rⁿ and α ∈ R , then ||αx|| =

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8. Equality holds in Cauchy Shwarz inequality if

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9. The set Q of rational numbers is an

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10. For any two real numbers x and y such that x<y , then there exists a rational p such that x<p<y is known as

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11. In an Euclidean space Rⁿ for any two vectors x,y we have

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12. The set of integars is

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13. Which of the following sets is not ordered

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14. The set of rational numbers is

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15. Which of the following set is ordered

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