Vectors And Equilibrium Quiz.1 || 1st-Year Physics MCQs

  Vectors & Equilibrium Quiz

Vectors And Equilibrium Quiz.1 with answer key. All mcqs of this query are in pdf form.  Considerable mcqs just as your paper pattern. Mcqs of vector and equilibrium are best for preparation. For more question you can visit measurements, motion and force.

 By solving these multiple choice questions you can easily clear your exam. This quiz is also best for computational exam. Solve these mcqs attentively. This quiz is also best for ECAT,MDCAT, preparation. In physics, a vector is a quantity with both magnitude and direction. It’s usually represented by an arrow with the same direction as the amount and a length proportionate to the magnitude of the quantity. In physics, equilibrium is the state of a system where neither its state of motion nor its internal energy state changes over time.

Vectors And Equilibrium Quiz.1

Vectors And Equilibrium MCQs With Correct Answers

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1. A scalar is a physical quantity which is completely specified by

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2. If we resolve a vector into components along mutually perpendicular  directions then such components are called

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3. By using head to tail rule we can

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4. A vector has the same magnitude but opposite direction to that of given vector is called

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5. The minimum number of co-planer forces of equal magnitude whose vector sum can be zero are

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6. When a number is multiplied with a vector only its direction is reversed if the number is

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7. A vector has x-component 8N and y-component 6N.The magnitude of the vector is

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8. Two anti-parallel vectors will have the unit vectors which are

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9. If the body is rotating with uniform angular velocity then torque acting on body is

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10. The perpendicular distance from the axis of the rotation to the line of action of force is called

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11. When the line of action of the applied force passes through the pivot point the value of moment arm will be

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12. The torque acting on a body   determines its

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13. A body cannot rotate about its centre of gravity under the action of its weight because

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14. Torque is analogous of

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15. The SI unit of torque is

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